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Anne-Marie Wharrie

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Exhibition Rationale

Culturally diverse artists, Anne-Marie Wharrie, Christiana Gagiano and Sultana Shamshi come together as “M.A.M.A.” to explore the concept of mother. Their varied working styles will reference cultural and childhood memories, the relationship they had with their own mothers and the beautiful but complex role that is motherhood.

Our M.A.M.A. collective has been formed in response to our many conversations voicing frustration on being artists whilst mothers. Often the artist in the mother is rendered mute whilst tending to the needs of family, elderly parents or just being unable to financially support oneself as a result of divorce.  An “Artist in Residence” position is often unable to be accepted, as mothers are unable to be away from their families for long periods of time. The constant interruption to the flow of our work can at times be demoralising and often we are not able to explore our full potential.  Through our own individual experiences, we will offer three different viewpoints of mother at different ages and stages in our lives.

Our cultural backgrounds and differing working styles, namely Australian born Lebanese, Fashion Designer/Visual Artist, Anne-Marie Wharrie, South African born Visual Artist, Christiana Gagiano and Indian born Jeweller, Sultana Shamshi will provide a thought provoking insight into the concept of “mother” that will immediately engage their audience.

On opening night the artists will create a “Happening.”  They will greet the guests as though they were welcoming them into their own family home, as well as their artistic home.  The artists and their families will serve the refreshments in order to create a feeling of warmth and generosity.  The opening is an event in itself.

Our guest speaker on opening night, Indian born, Dominic Savio, monk and artist, will be invited to share his own amazing story on the concept of mother.  It will definitely be inspiring and thought provoking.

The concept of mother is open to wide interpretation and throughout our exhibition we hope to offer diverse, inspiring and thought provoking dialogue on M.A.M.A.

View a short film showcasing works by culturally diverse artists, Anne-Marie Wharrie, Christiana Gagiano and Sultana Shamshi, exhibited in the M.A.M.A. exhibition at Zig Zag Gallery, Kalamunda, Western Australia, June - July 2015.


The film features original piano music by Mx Margaret Dylan Jones. View Margaret’s work at www.MixMargaret.com

View artist statements for Anne-Marie’s works by clicking on the images below